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  • Community College of Philadelphia, Entrepreneur Summit, Presenter, Feb 12-15th, 2024. Elevate & Educate: Entrepreneur Insights on How to Navigate Challenges while Building Inclusive Futures.


  • Business Symposium 2023 at Rutgers University School of Business Friday April 28th, 2023
  • Lincoln University MBA “Business Academic Spotlight” panelist for giving new students insight into the importance of an MBA and how it assists in overall growth (9/21/2022)
  • Your Health is wealth virtual event hosted by Walter E. Copeland II (3/30/2022)
    • Featured on 6abc news with (Philly Live), highlighted WC Fitness as a business that caters to all fitness levels (3/22/2022)
    • Panelist with Dr. Sanul Corrielus, MD Wellness event (5/20/2020)
    • Organized and partnered in Power UP your business program by Community College of Philadelphia (4/2/2020)